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Eight-year-old Jaelyn Arrowwood is fond of watching videos on YouTube. Like most kids, she loves any video that involves animals, but her favorite videos are of Disney’s Bambi and Dory, with their cute gazes into each other’s eyes. Jaelyn knows that Bambi and Dory are not real animals, but that doesn’t stop her from sitting on her couch at home and watching the videos all day long. “Bambi and Dory are about as real as it gets for me,” Jaelyn explains to her father. “I have a stuffed Bambi, and a stuffed Dory. I like to pretend that they’re real.” For Jaelyn, this is just one of many vivid dreams she has. Dreams filled with the white eyes of a wolf watching her every move. A black, heavy hand stroking her body. She can’t remember these visions, but Jaelyn knows they are real. So are the voices that whisper in her head when she’s alone at night. Jaelyn is not a happy girl. She has post-traumatic stress, and as a result, she has trouble forming relationships with people, especially boys her age. She hides away in her room and plays video games all day. She’s even taken to locking the doors to her room for good measure. She knows that she will never be normal, that she will always be different, but that’s all right with her. Jaelyn can live with that. Jaelyn’s family enjoys their lives, though her parents worry about Jaelyn’s fragile mental state. They do their best to give her the best life possible, but they’re worried that her fear and loneliness will cause more harm than good. After all, what if Jaelyn becomes the next serial killer? Jaelyn’s father, James, has not spoken with her since her nightmares began. He suspects that she may be seeing a psychiatrist. If he approaches Jaelyn, she will become enraged. Jaelyn has a name for him: Yuppie dad. He’s been a game designer for a long time now, and his design work has had a major impact on the game industry. He’s so successful that he owns his own home, and he has two loving and well




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GameOverfullmoviehindihddownload [Latest-2022]
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